Deb Carstens
Deb CarstensPrincipal, Carstens Family Funds
“I love Bill Carstens for many reasons but moving me to Arizona in 1999 is near the top of the list! My family homesteaded in Arizona in 1925. Moving here immediately felt like home.”
I frequently say “Bill Carstens, you taught me how to give.” You also gave me the means to do so. Establishing a fund at Arizona Community Foundation created the vehicle to finance a multitude of worthy non-profits. It started with AFS (American Field Service) and spread broadly from there.” – Deb Carstens
Alan Carbine
Alan CarbineResearch Analyst, Carstens Family Funds
“It has been my honor and privilege to support Deborah Carstens and Carstens Family Funds for 13 years to help bring Bill Carstens’ mission and vision to fulfilment. I also want to thank all the organizations that Carstens Family Funds have supported for their excellent work in supporting education for low income students, teachers, women, social justice, and many other significant initiatives.”
– Alan Carbine
Ted Leland
Ted Leland Finance Coordinator, Carstens Family Funds
“It is an absolute privilege to help advance the mission of Carstens Family Funds. My experiences here show me how strategic philanthropy can make such a difference in the lives of people and in the larger community. Bill’s generosity is truly inspiring and creating lasting impacts for generations.”
-Ted Leland
Joseph I. McCabe III, CPA, CFP®, President
Joseph I. McCabe III, CPA, CFP®, PresidentVestpointe Wealth Management, LLC
“I am honored to have known Bill Carstens and assisted with many of his charitable planning endeavors. Bill was a wonderful man and his contributions have gone towards many great causes.”
– Joe McCabe